Inserting spaces into CamelCase

I have some trauma related to regular expressions from my university days. Yes, they are super useful. Do I enjoy using them? Does anyone?

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I routinely modify and create new instances of the AMIS GIS data model. Depending on the client and the type of assets they have, there can be 4 feature datasets, containing about 5 feature classes each, or 9 feature datasets with up to 50 feature classes spread across the database.

Inevitably at some point in the process of losing my mind, I will forget that the alias is lost when creating a new feature class, or randomly copying it over or whatever. I then end up with dozens of feature classes with really ugly looking abbreviated layer names in CamelCase. So for posterity, and so that I will never ever forget this ridiculously easy thing again:

# @date 05/10/2017
# @author Cindy Jayakumar
# Change the alias of feature classes to the
# title case version of the CamelCase name
# e.g. WaterPumpStation => Water Pump Station
import arcpy
import re
gdb = r"C:\Some\Arb\Folder\test.gdb"
def alterFCAlias(name):
return re.sub(r"\B([A-Z])", r" \1", name)
for root, _, fcs in arcpy.da.Walk(gdb):
for fc in fcs:
alias = alterFCAlias(fc)
arcpy.AlterAliasName(fc, alias )
print("{0} => {1}".format(fc, alias))

# @credit
import re
text = "ThisIsATest"
re.sub(r"\B([A-Z])", r" \1", text)

One thing I’ve omitted from the script is that I usually store the feature class names with a prefix, e.g. fc_name = wps_WaterPumpStation. In this case, I would use split on the feature class name before passing it to the alterFCAlias function i.e. fc_name.split("_")[1].

Link for mobile users is here.

Aaaaaaand I’ve just realised that I’ve forgotten this basic task so many times over the last few years that I actually already have a blog post about it, except for some reason I was updating the layer names in ArcMap every time instead of resetting it once on the feature classes themselves.

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