Nailed it! Seriously though, I did end up enjoying the course considerably. The full use of the ArcGIS online account alone made it worth it, as it has given me insight into how our internal clients feel when given a link to a spatial data viewer application on our intranet. Lesson learned! Also, since I am embarking on my JavaScript/web development journey, the appearance/style of the popups, interface etc of AGO has shown me what a best practices solution looks like, and the way forward.


The tasks are getting more advanced, and I’ve learned a lot about using ArcGIS Online. To be honest, I’m not even looking at the videos anymore, but that’s not to say that the videos are not good, it’s just that I don’t enjoy watching videos online, particularly lecture videos, unless I have searched for them for a specific reason. I prefer to read lecture slides and notes, where I can highlight, underline and reread as much as I like. It’s the same reason why I would routinely miss class while I was at university – I would rather self study the week’s lessons in my room than listen to a lecturer talk about it.

Overall, the MOOC does feel like it’s found a good pace, and I am looking forward to finishing it.