INF3703 :: Final recap

I probably should have been keeping track of the module as it was happening, but such is life. On Tuesday, I wrote my first exam in 5 years, thereby completing the first of 3 modules I have to do so that I can register for Honours soon.

This module covered database theory – transaction management, database administration, business intelligence, cloud computing, database design etc. Interesting enough, if I hadn’t already covered these topics in a second year Computer Science module, and also a third year Information Science module at Stellenbosch.

Also, the textbook was a renamed, reshuffled version of my original textbook from 7 years ago. So on the plus side, I did not have to buy a textbook. There were only two assignments in this module, so my year mark was very high. Even though it only counts for 30% (and the final exam for 70%), I know it will help boost my mark because I did not enjoy that exam. At all.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love studying. I always have. UNISA has quite a different approach to exams, so I sprouted a few grey hairs while studying for this (seriously, I have some grey hairs now after last week). I have never stressed so much about an exam before. Except for a second year Geology module that I put off until my last semester at Stellenbosch, because I really did not want to take Geology, but since I had already bypassed Botany I was forced to do it (those compulsory subjects were the worst).

The paper was not what I was expecting, but it’s over now. Something crazy happened though, in the few days leading up to the exam – I used the UNISA forums. As I have mentioned again and again, I do not like the “peer interaction” that all these MOOCs seem to thrive on. I think it was the lack of sleep that drove me to do it.

At least now I reeeeally know this subject. Either way, one down, two to go.

Going on hiatus for one week – EXAM!

Since I’m writing my first exam in 5 years next week, I though it would be safer to put the blog on hiatus for one week.

I have a lot of drafts sitting here, waiting to be written, but since I enjoy doing this, it’s going to be distracting. I’ll be back next Wednesday.