DEV203x Introduction to Bootstrap: Uh-oh

I was very excited to see that Microsoft is now offering MOOCs through edX. I immediately signed up for Introduction to Bootstrap and Transact-SQL. Bootstrap opened up on 1 April, so I spent some time getting the videos, downloading the notes and preparing my OneNote section for it.

I idly clicked over to the first lab, which looked promising – a detailed assignment, clearly designed to test the knowledge gained from the videos and notes, with clear submission rules. I then scrolled to the bottom and saw this:

Peer assessments

I’ve mentioned in several previous posts that peer assessments in a MOOC is a dealbreaker for me. I’ve changed my opinion somewhat on the use of video lectures (just barely though), but making peer assessments a requirement is a bit much for me.

While my need to finish what I’ve started is strong, I have many other things to do as well, so for this one I may be content to just grab the content for self-paced learning/reference at a later stage.

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