Locating Python, adding to Path and accessing Arcpy

The reason I had to move into a VM – group policies on work network kept destroying my ArcPy

Python, GIS and stuff...

To access the Python interpreter and run Python scripts you need to know the location of python.exe for your installation. To make running scripts easier you may wish to add this location to your system Path, either temporarily or permanently. It is also possible to allow Python installations that were not installed by ArcGIS to access Arcpy functionality. This post describes how to do each of these as well as some general considerations.

Opening the command prompt

You can open a command prompt through the start menu, or by running cmd.exe from the run dialogue. To change directories use ‘cd’ followed by the desired path to change to that directory, for example:

C:>cd test

To open a command prompt in a folder (for example, a folder where you keep your scripts) right click (Windows XP) or hold down shift and right click (Windows 7) on the folder and select

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Publishing Spatial views as a Feature Access Service

Esri Australia Technical Blog

Publishing Spatial views as a Feature Access Service

The following Blog will take you through the process of using ArcMap 10.x to publish a spatial view as a Feature Access service.

What is a database view?

Database views are database elements that store SQL query statements that act like tables.

viewViews can be used to join tables together, similar to joins in ArcMap. But because the view is stored in the database, it can be used by many users in many map documents. For example, frequently Census data is stored in a table separate from the Census geographies feature class. Using a view, all users given access will be able to create analytical maps based on Census data without having to create a join.

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