I wrote my first exam today for my 2016 modules, Ontology Engineering. To say that I am over writing exams is putting it mildly. I just want to get to the research project so I can finish up this degree.

Sadly, there are still 2 more exams this week (Software Project Management tomorrow and Software Engineering on Friday), and then three more “study” modules this year, in addition to the research project.

The face I'll make to the SO next week

The face I’ll make to the SO next week

I’m mainly struggling with the fact that a lot of what we are learning is not applied in the workplace (imagine, an IT project being managed from start to finish hahahafsnodlfkl oops fell out of my chair from laughter). It is very hard to find the motivation to study when you know it won’t help you. It’s easier during undergrad when you don’t know anything about industry.

I passed my registration exams (and other news)

I know it’s already a month into the new year, and I haven’t been active on the blog for a while, but that’s mostly because I had nothing to post. However, that will all be changing because in January I returned to Aurecon. This time around, I’m fulfilling a technology expert role within the Asset Management team, so I’ll be designing and driving our technology strategy going forward. I’ve got a few interesting things lined up, particularly around spatial data warehouses and ontologies, so I’ll be posting about it alot here while I work through my ideas.

I also got my SAGC exam results today – 100% for Paper A and 96% for Paper F, so once the fees are paid, I will be registered as a Geomatics Technologist. When I’m finished with my BscHons next year, I’ll be able to upgrade to Practitioner as I’m just short of the academic requirement.

Speaking of Hons, I just registered for the 2nd (final) year, and am currently studying for 3 exams next week. To be honest, it has been painful studying, simply because many of the concepts we have discussed are outdated and having been in industry now for almost 6 years, it is irritating to have to study these things. I’m just pushing through to get that piece of paper. Hopefully I get a good research topic for the project (or can convince one of the supervisors to take me with my own topic). I’ll worry about that after the exams.

I’ll probably be able to return to my normal posting schedule in March. I just thought it was about time I post something.

Aaaaand now I'm thinking about how much I miss Community. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

Aaaaand now I’m thinking about how much I miss Community. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

INF3703 :: Final recap

I probably should have been keeping track of the module as it was happening, but such is life. On Tuesday, I wrote my first exam in 5 years, thereby completing the first of 3 modules I have to do so that I can register for Honours soon.

This module covered database theory – transaction management, database administration, business intelligence, cloud computing, database design etc. Interesting enough, if I hadn’t already covered these topics in a second year Computer Science module, and also a third year Information Science module at Stellenbosch.

Also, the textbook was a renamed, reshuffled version of my original textbook from 7 years ago. So on the plus side, I did not have to buy a textbook. There were only two assignments in this module, so my year mark was very high. Even though it only counts for 30% (and the final exam for 70%), I know it will help boost my mark because I did not enjoy that exam. At all.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love studying. I always have. UNISA has quite a different approach to exams, so I sprouted a few grey hairs while studying for this (seriously, I have some grey hairs now after last week). I have never stressed so much about an exam before. Except for a second year Geology module that I put off until my last semester at Stellenbosch, because I really did not want to take Geology, but since I had already bypassed Botany I was forced to do it (those compulsory subjects were the worst).

The paper was not what I was expecting, but it’s over now. Something crazy happened though, in the few days leading up to the exam – I used the UNISA forums. As I have mentioned again and again, I do not like the “peer interaction” that all these MOOCs seem to thrive on. I think it was the lack of sleep that drove me to do it.

At least now I reeeeally know this subject. Either way, one down, two to go.

Upcoming Posts

Here are a couple of posts in the pipeline:

  • [Programming] Getting into webapps and PaaS
  • [Geomethodologies] Dabbling with Cartographic Representations
  • [MOOC] Fundamentals of Programming Specialisation
  • [Programming] Using version control
  • [Enterprise GIS Solutions] How to use BitBucket as source control for #Geodev
  • [Enterprise GIS Solutions] Display line geometry from a SharePoint list
  • [Programming] Toggle labels in a map document using ArcPy

Now I feel like writing all those posts, but alas, studying awaits.