Survey123: I have not been this excited in a while

Last week, I was scrolling through my Feedly and came across this post on the ESRI Australia Technical blog, one of my favourite ESRI blogs. While I am already worked up about ArcGIS Earth, it was the other app in the post that changed the course of my day (and my life).

Survey123 is an app from ESRI Labs which solves all of the issues I’ve had with mobile data capture solutions over the years. For me, it’s basically a combination of Mobenzi, GeoForms, Collector and ArcGIS Mobile.

I immediately downloaded it and did a test survey using XLSForms – another revelation to me. I can’t really say more at this stage, without testing it further, but I’ve joined the beta group on GeoNet and have already devoured the blog posts. Hopefully within the next few weeks, I will have some time to replicate one of our Mobenzi surveys in Survey123 and do a proper comparison.

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