Editing assignment types in Workforce for ArcGIS

A Workforce for ArcGIS project is based on a predefined schema. This schema states that assignment types are populated into an associated coded value domain on the Assignments feature layer when created.

Sometimes assignment types need to be modified, perhaps because of a typo. On the Workforce front end, it is impossible to edit an assignment type. It can only be deleted (if the type is not being used by an assignment).

One can work around this by opening the Workforce project in ArcGIS Online, open the Assignment layer properties and directly edit the coded value domain.

2 thoughts on “Editing assignment types in Workforce for ArcGIS

  1. GIS learner says:

    Hi, Thanks for the nice post. I am doing network analysis multi-mode in ArcMap. can you please let me know how you solved the issue of travel time. I have tried a lot but traveltime is not coming as an impedance option, please.


    • Hi there, not sure why you are commenting on this post as it has nothing to do with network analysis. That aside, for a multimodal network you need to set up a cost attribute for each mode of transport. For example, if you are modelling a pedestrian as they switch between walking and using the train, you should have a PedestrianTime and a TrainTime attribute. Make sure the expression you use to calculate that is set when building the network, then you should be able to select it as the impedance option when running the analysis.


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