My new laptop arrived

My new work laptop finally arrived yesterday, so I can give the temporary one I was using the boot. Now, I was a bit apprehensive as I was not given any other information about the specs besides “it’s super fast”. The specs seemed fine to me, but I needed some proof.

By that, I of course mean a completely anecdotal check of how fast things appear to be working. First up: the ArcGIS desktop install. I took approx 30 minutes to install it on the temporary laptop (i5, 8GB RAM). It took less than 5 minutes on this beast.

Another completely unscientific test: I looped over a gdb and used the Add Field tool to add a field to each of them. Yes, without using the numpy ExtendTable tool, and I ran it from the python window in ArcMap, so it was using 32-bit. It took 0.2 seconds to add the field to each feature class.

Those are all the tests I need. I’m happy!



That’s a lie. The real tests will happen later once I have my VMs going. I do like what I see so far though.

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