The issue with names

I recently underwent a name change, and though I have yet to make it official (who wants to waste a Saturday at Home Affairs?), I have been thinking about the implications of my name change.

Now that my surname contains a hyphen and is 18 characters long (with my full name now 26 characters), I’ve been wondering how I should abbreviate it. Some hasty Googling shows that there is no standard for this. My entire life I just assumed that the first part of the surname takes precedence so the initials remain the same. In other words, Cindy Lee Williams (CLW) becomes Cindy Lee Williams-Jayakumar (CLW).

I toyed around with the idea of dropping my middle name (itself having been an issue with people assuming I’m Cindy-Lee and not Cindy Lee) to become Cindy Williams-Jayakumar (CW), but the thought of having only two initials terrified me.

I came across this blog post which calls out the assumptions programmers make when building systems which need to accept names (I’m guessing that’s about 95% of all systems). Now that my name has become slightly more complicated, I’m going to be more aware of my own assumptions when writing code, and not just when it comes to validating names.

I’ve also decided to be a bit more difficult and use CWJ as my initials. I had CLW for 27 years, it was time for a change.

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