Convert a list of field names and aliases from Excel to table using ArcPy

I went digging through my old workspace and started looking at some of my old scripts. My style of coding back then is almost embarrassing now 🙂 but that’s just the process of learning. I decided to post this script I wrote just before ArcGIS released their Excel toolset in 10.2.

@date 09/07/2013
@author Cindy Williams
Converts a spreadsheet containing field names and aliases
into a file geodatabase table.
import arcpy
xls = r"C:\Some\Arb\Folder\test.xlsx\Fields$"
tbl = r"C:\Some\Arb\Folder\test.gdb\tbl_Samples"
with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(xls,("FIELD_NAME","ALIAS")) as cursor:
for row in cursor:, row[0], "DOUBLE", field_alias=row[1])
print("Adding field {}…".format(row[0]))
print("Fields added successfully.")

From what I can recall, I needed to create a file geodatabase table to store records of microbial sample data. Many of the field names were the chemical compound themselves, such as phosporus or nitrogen, or bacterial names. For brevity’s sake, I had to use the shortest field names possible while still retaining the full meaning.

I set up a spreadsheet containing the full list of field names in column FIELD_NAMES and their aliases in ALIAS. I created an empty table in a file gdb, and used a SearchCursor on the spreadsheet to create the fields and fill in their aliases.

This solution worked for me at the time, but of course there are now better ways to do this.

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