Getting stuck into my studies

I spent the long weekend playing catch up with my assignments after a brief interlude. It is incredibly frustrating without internet. Since I’m still stuck on Windows 10 Mobile on my unsupported old phone, I have to use its hotspot to connect on the tablet, computer and the new phone.

Not only does this destroy the battery in no time, but if the screen turns off the hotspot disconnects, and in Windows 10 Mobile, one cannot set the screen to not turn off (maximum is 5 minutes). I have to sit there with my finger on the screen to make sure it doesn’t turn off.

Of course, I forget, and then I have to wake the phone up (which can take up to 20 seconds if it’s feeling particularly spiteful), disable the hotspot (because it looks like it’s still active, when it it isn’t), enable the hotspot, then reconnect all the devices.

So I’ve got all of that going on while I’m doing research for my first assignment, which happens to be a series of discussion posts on the forum. I’ve made my feelings on that kind of thing quite clear.

In summary, this first assignment has been challenging. Not because the topic is difficult – not at all in fact. It’s just that my circumstances have not been conducive for good studying practice. The next one is the real deal though: choosing a research topic. I’m still a bit sad about letting go of my last one. However, one must move on.

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