Professional registration – on my way

After compiling my application a year ago, and it finally arriving at Plato in September, I just received word that I can write the GIS Technologist exam later this year.

I submitted my application at the Practitioner level, but because I don’t have a Honours degree, I did not meet the academic requirement, although I far exceeded the work experience requirement. At least I’m getting that degree sorted out now, so I’ll be able to upgrade my registration in two years time.

Once I’ve written this exam, passed it (?) and gotten my certificate, I will officially be a GIS technologist and I’ll be officially allowed to “do GIS”. I guess the last 5 years of work experience and my GIS/Computer Science/Information Systems degree were unofficial then?

2 thoughts on “Professional registration – on my way

  1. Ettiene Spykerman says:

    Excellent, Cinderella! Happy for you! Just beware of that law exam….quite tricky! But you are one of the fortunate ones to have a clever brain😉👍🏻. And yes of course your last 5 year’s experience counts! It’s on your CV, is it not?!

    Good luck, girl!


  2. Thanks for the tip. Of course, the law exam is right in the middle of when my first batch of assignments for Honours is due, but since I’m going to start working on those way in advance it should be fine right? 😛


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