Adjusting to a new way of work

I’ve spent the last three weeks adjusting to my new role, and a different way of working. I’ve been given a very lightweight laptop with an embedded sim card for remote access. I had to log requests for an external monitor, mouse and keyboard because I became accustomed to having all these peripherals.

The majority of my meetings are conducted via Lync, because everyone is spread out across various offices. I find this to be very convenient, as meetings can be easily recorded, screens shared and swapped as needed to demonstrate something, and optional attendees can dial in via their cellphones if they are not on-site.

I don’t have a landline at all, which I am totally fine with since it makes no sense. What I’m struggling to adjust to is that I am used to listening to music while I work, so if a call comes through I have to pull off my headphones, put the headset on and switch the output device quickly.

I chose a phone for my company sim that would be big enough to check emails and do some reading when not at the laptop. I have an assigned parking spot inside the building, and sometimes I work at the other office in Bellville.

We have an Alegria, but the thought of having unlimited hot chocolate makes me not want to have it at all, so the temptation is removed. I do have the odd red cappuccino though, because it would be madness not to.

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