Convert multi-page PDF file to TIFF

# @date 18/08/2015
# @author Cindy Williams
# Converts a range of pages from a pdf to separate tiff
# files using the PDF to TIFF tool added at ArcGIS 10.3.
# For very basic conversion, with minimal error handling.
# For use as a standalone script.
import arcpy
import os
def convertPDFtoTIFF(in_pdf, out_folder, out_tiff, start_page=1, end_page=1):
if start_page > end_page:
print("The start page number cannot exceed the end page number.")
for i in range(start_page, end_page + 1):
out_tiff_name = os.path.join(out_folder, out_tiff + str(i) + ".tif)
arcpy.conversion.PDFtoTIFF(in_pdf, out_tiff_name, pdf_page_number=i)
print("Processed page " + str(i))
pdf_in = r"C:\Some\Arb\Folder\test.pdf"
tif_folder = r"C:\Some\Arb\Folder\tiffs"
convertPDFtoTIFF(pdf_in,tif_folder, "Page_", 2,9)
print("Script complete.")

A new tool was added to ArcGIS 10.3 to convert a page in a PDF to TIFF. This is especially useful for the asset management work I do, as I often get pdf drawings or maps which need to be georeferenced. I created a function to wrap around the ArcGIS one to enable the conversion of more than one page in the pdf at a time.

By default, the function will only convert the first page. Specifying a start and/or end page will override the defaults. Link to the code is here.

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