The latest Bing Maps Preview is a step in the right direction

In December, when I was moaning about the lack of a spatial tool to fit my needs, I had a good long whine about Bing Maps. I not only want to use Bing Maps, I want to like to use it.

I use it on most days when I have ArcMap open; I use it (sometimes) on my Nokia Lumia 1020 for navigation. This is why I am quite excited by the latest preview. My biggest gripe with it previously was that I could not view my saved favourites in the web app, only on my Windows devices, even if I was signed in with my Microsoft account (???).

I am extremely pleased to see that this has since been rectified. There are a bunch of other cool tweaks which have been added as well, but the “saved places in webapp now appears in Windows apps” aspect is enough to get me to switch from Here navigation to Maps navigation on my phone. Read more about it here on the Bing Maps blog.

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