ArcMap Woes Part 5: Exporting map without options

Sometimes, when in ArcMap, and one wants to export a map as a JPG or PNG or something, there won’t be any options. You can’t change the resolution, can’t change the export quality, can’t include a world file or anything. This used to frustrate me enormously, because then I would have to restart ArcMap to get the options to appear.

Sometimes even that wouldn’t work. I would then have to disturb a colleague and have them open the same mxd, to find that the options have miraculously reappeared. I have since figured out that if this happens, one needs to cancel the export dialog, switch to layout view and then export the map.

I am aware that it is possible to export the map with options while in data view; it’s just a random thing that happens. At least I know how to solve this particular issue.

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