View list of ArcGIS Server Data Store Items

Recently I had a task where, for >10 ‘clients’, I had to:

  1. Create a unique database user
  2. Grant privileges to certain datasets in a SDE database
  3. Save an mxd showing only what was relevant to that client
  4. Publish a feature service for consumption in ArcGIS Online

While I will leave the specifics of that delightful script for another post, during debugging I came up against an error where the script would fail if the database connection had already been registered with ArcGIS Server.

# @date 23/03/2015
# @author Cindy Williams
# Prints the list of databases registered with the
# given ArcGIS Server, along with the connection
# properties (excluding ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD).
# For use in the Python window in ArcCatalog.
import arcpy
import os
folder_user = os.environ['USERPROFILE']
folder_arccatalog = "AppData\Roaming\ESRI\Desktop10.3\ArcCatalog"
ags_name = "arcgis on dev01 (admin).ags"
ags = os.path.join(folder_user, folder_arccatalog, ags_name)
for dsi in arcpy.ListDataStoreItems(ags, "DATABASE"):
print dsi[0] + "\n\t" + "\n\t".join(dsi[1].split(";")[1:])

In lines 15 and 16, I get the location of the ArcCatalog connections folder for the current user. This is dependent on knowing which version of Arc is installed. I have found a slightly better way (written quite verbosely for clarity):

import arcpy
import os
# Detailed description
os_appdata = os.environ['APPDATA'] # Current user's APPDATA folder
folder_esri = "ESRI" # ESRI folder name
arc_prod = arcpy.GetInstallInfo()['ProductName'] # Get the installed product's name e.g. Desktop
arc_ver = arcpy.GetInstallInfo()['Version'] # Get the installed product's version number
arc_cat = "ArcCatalog" # ArcCatalog folder name
arc_prod + arc_ver,

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