DAT201x Querying with Transact-SQL: A timely MOOC

I mentioned a while ago that while I was chuffed that Microsoft has started offering MOOCs on edX, I was not at all pleased about the peer assessment requirement in DEV203x.

peer assessment meme

Fortunately, another MOOC caught my eye: DAT201x Querying with Transact-SQL. The timing could not be better – I’m currently preparing for my first university exam in 5 years, so I’m trying to get back into that frame of mind. The exam is focussing more on the theory of database administration, best practice etc (so pure study work – my favourite!), but one of the assignments included a question where the answer was to write a query in T-SQL.

While I did that in undergrad, things have gotten understandably hazy over the years. Coincidentally, I had to modify some queries at work on one our SQL Server databases recently, so after not doing anything pure SQL related in 5 years (besides the SQL stuff in ArcGIS), in the same month I get hands-on experience at work, plus this MOOC to refresh my memory. Just in time for the exam in 3 weeks. Yay!

Also, no peer assessments. Just pure learning.

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