Editor Tracking bug persists in ArcGIS for Desktop

I came across this issue in Catalog. I tried running the Enable Editor Tracking tool with the option to create the editor fields, and got Error 001216 (again, can I say that I really don’t like the new help interface?).

Now, I am running ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3, and the SDE feature class I was trying to enable editor tracking for was created in ArcGIS 10.2.2. The fact that the error is telling me that it is a pre-10.0 dataset does not help, although to be fair, most error messages in ArcGIS do not help.

That’s why after reading the aformentioned GeoNet thread, I was not surprised that the workaround was to use any of the other available methods to enable editor tracking. The methods are:

  1. Executing the tool via ArcToolbox
  2. Right click the dataset in ArcCatalog > Manage > Enable Editor Tracking…
  3. Add the geoprocessing tool into ModelBuilder and run the model
  4. Run the tool via Python

Needless to say, all of those methods work besides the first one. The fact that this “bug” has persisted from 10.1 shows that either too few people need to know how to use the tool (hello, fellow SDE admins!), or (more likely) everyone has long forgotten that the tool doesn’t work because they are using the alternate methods listed above.

3 thoughts on “Editor Tracking bug persists in ArcGIS for Desktop

  1. Jared says:

    Hi Cindy,

    I have a model created in 10.2.1 and my data lives in SDE. My model runs with no errors, however I noticed editor tracking is in fact not re-enabled like it was supposed to have been once the model finished. Essentially I run the disable editor tracking at the beginning and the enable at the finish. Only the disable is working–any thoughts? Is this a bug specific to 10.2.1 or does my data residing in SDE have any affect? Thanks!



    • Hi,

      It’s most likely some version of the bug (although running it from ModelBuilder should have been fine). I would suggest sticking with manually re-enabling the tracking via the right click in Catalog method, so that you can also visually verify that your data has processed correctly. You can try automating fully by removing the tool from the end of your model, re-adding it from Toolbox and trying your model again (sometimes ModelBuilder just needs a “fresh” copy of the tool to work).

      If it still doesn’t work, try adding the tool by itself into a new model, and call it from the main model as a sub-model. You can also call the tool from Python and add that into the end of your model. I highly doubt that it’s because your data is in SDE, unless you are performing other operations on your data which locks it before you get to Enable Editing, such as publishing a service.

      Hope this helps!


      • Jared says:

        Thanks for your reply Cindy. I typically manually enable/disable with the right-click in Catalog like you described, however in this case I need it to be automated via the model. I will try some of your suggestions and see what happens. If those things don’t work I will just try saving the model in 10.3 and running it from there. Hopefully that will clear things out. Again, thanks for your prompt response I appreciate it!


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