Uploading and embedding an unlisted YouTube video into a SharePoint site

This doesn’t have anything to do with GIS necessarily, but often I find that in the course of my work I have to do these arbitrary tasks which support our bigger projects. After having previously uploaded certain project video files in a document library on SharePoint, that didn’t seem to be the best way to do it.

After some thinking and Googling, I found that uploading the videos to YouTube and embedding it on a SharePoint wiki page would be the best option. While the videos do not contain sensitive information, we tend to err on the side of caution, so I researched how to make the videos private.

That’s how I came across the unlisted option. After uploading the videos and marking them as unlisted, I then embedded each video into a 3-column wiki page on the SharePoint site using the YouTube embed code.

This process was tedious though. I had to perform this task again recently for a different site. This created a problem in several ways:

  1. There were now videos for two different projects attached to the account. The amount of projects will probably increase in the future
  2. I would need to tag, rename and edit each video description separately (for 22 videos)
  3. Embedding each individual video would be a pain

I fixed number 2 quickly by changing the video upload defaults, so that during a batch upload each video would retain its name, get the correct description and tags, be marked as unlisted and categorised correctly.

I fixed numbers 1 and 3 by creating an unlisted playlist. After creating the playlist, I added the videos in the order I wanted, grabbed the embed code and pasted it into my SharePoint page.

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