OneNote: The Continuation

I carried my OneNote knowledge into my current job. Nowadays, I use one big “Work” Notebook, which contains all of the projects I have worked on since starting with my company. It’s organised into section groups (one for each unit e.g. Asset Management, Water Engineering, Land Development, Environmental, Transport etc) containing separate sections for each individual project. Each section has an “Overview” page containing a brief description of the project and what my role on the project is, and underneath that are all the Outlook tasks, appointments and emails associated with that project.

I still keep detailed notes of the methodology I use for a task, and include screen clips using OneNote’s inbuilt screen clipping tool where necessary, especially for things like setting up an application, or how to connect to a server, or some random ArcMap tool settings. This approach has helped me save a lot of time, especially when repeating a similar task but on a different project.

One of the main reasons I bought a tablet was so that I could take notes on it. I use my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in meetings to take minutes. I’ve used the pen as well now that handwriting support was added a few months ago, but my handwriting is atrocious since I’ve been OneNoting for almost 4 years now…

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