I should probably change the titles of these posts as I’m guessing ESRI will be offering more MOOCs in the future, so this could get confusing. Week 4 was much better content wise, and provided the opportunity to really use some nice tools available in ArcGIS Online. I like the fact that case studies from various disciplines are being used, to show everyone (especially the newbies) how GIS can be applied no matter what your field is.

I have found that sometimes when the analysis is complete, the newly created layer will disappear from the web map, which leads the user to believe that the analysis has failed because it appears that nothing has been created. When running the same operation again, a “layer name already exists” error proves that the layer was in fact created, but was not added to the map. This leads to the cumbersome process of having to add that layer again manually. I have also found that searching to add layers often returns no results when the whole layer name is used, but will return results for a partial match e.g. typing in “Intersect LA Crimes_cindywilliams” returned nothing but “Intersect LA Crimes_” brought up everyone’s layers and I had to scroll through it to get to mine.

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