Week 3 has been going OK. I’ve found the exercises to be less than challenging, but I am enjoying the opportunity to learn more about using the ArcGIS Online interface. It really is quite different to Desktop, but I’m not sure that enough is been done to explain to the newbie GIS users, or even non-GIS end users who would be using AGO, about how critical it is that you know your data AND understand the limitations of it.

I’m also not too enthusiastic about the naming convention of the tools not being consistent with Desktop. I know that these now have more “user friendly” names, but that’s exactly my point – the user is clearly not supposed to be a seasoned GIS Professional, but more like an engineer, or town planner whose primary, or even secondary field, is not GIS. Clearly, there are many more factors to consider before deploying an integrated ArcGIS Online/Mobile enterprise solution for use in various projects.

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